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  • Our research unit, the Paleo-oncology Research Organization, builds scientific collaborations, carries out research, and contributes scholarly work to peer-reviewed journals, and academic conferences. 

  • Learn more about the Paleo-oncology Research Organization here.

  • A great deal of the evidence behind the history of cancer lies in human and animal skeletons which are recovered from archaeological excavations.

  • ACF staff, volunteers, and board members participate in  and lead archaeological excavations across the globe including Greece, Israel, Egypt, Romania, Oman, and Peru.

  • ACF can visit your school, university, institution, or organization to talk about the history of cancer.

  • Contact us to request a lecture or tutorial.

  • Cancer is mentioned in historical medical literature as early as 3500BC.

  • Learn more here.

Evidence of cancer dates back thousands of years and is found in ancient literature, medical texts, artwork, inscriptions, fossils, animal remains, mummies, and skeletons.
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