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Ancient Cancer Foundation

 Let's Make Cancer History 

The Ancient Cancer Foundation (ACF) is dedicated to connecting the global history of cancer to the future of cancer treatment and prevention. ACF is committed to educating the public about the long history of cancer and its significance, while raising funds to help support further research in the field of paleo-oncology, through ACF's research leg, known as the Paleo-oncology Research Organization (PRO). ACF advocates for multi-disciplinary, collaborative, and open-access research.

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Donate today and help us dig into cancer's past so it doesn't have a future.

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News about ACF, PRO, and the history of cancer.

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 The Ancient Cancer Foundation (ACF) and the Paleo-oncology Research Organization 

 (PRO) developed from a need for more research and education about the origins of one

 of the world's most devastating and mysterious group of diseases, collectively known  as cancer. 


 In 2009 four young women, all scientists and students in bio-archaeology, came together

 after one of them was diagnosed with cancer. Having all been affected by cancer and

 fatigued by the lack of information relating to the causes of cancer, they lauched into

 discussion after discussion about how important the history of cancer is to the overall

 framework of cancer research. A few years later, they formed the Paleo-oncology

 Research Organization (PRO) as a scientific research initiative dedicated to that effort,  which has since gained momentum and launched several large-scale, multi-  disciplinary projects that will change the way we look at cancer's past, present and future! 


 To better fullfil its missions of fundraising, providing financial support for ancient cancer  research, and educating the public through outreach programs, the Ancient Cancer  Foundation (ACF) was established. PRO is now a subsidiary of ACF, allowing PRO to

 focus on open-access research, data collection, and academic initiatives aimed at  advancing our collective understanding of cancer's past and present. 


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